Asian Carrot Chilli Chutney


A family chutney full of the taste of Asia, enjoy with all grilled meats, chicken, fish, in soups, on wraps or as a marinade. This is medium hot chutney for all to enjoy and give your food that Froggit zing.

Boerewors chutney

250 ml

Made from fifteen different ingredients, this real fruit chutney goes well with most grilled meats, chicken dishes, roast potatoes and stews. Turn a boerewors roll into a gourmet delight.

Garlic infused red wine jelly


It’s the perfect addition to roast beef, pork or lamb. Add a spoonful to your mince to make the perfect spaghetti bolognaise sauce.

Habanero jelly


A fiery jelly for the chili lover works well with penne pasta, meats, fish and pâtés. Try this to lift your cheese platter to another level.

Mango chilli chutney

500 ml

Goes well with curry, chicken, cold meats. Add to prego rolls and wraps. Medium heat but bursts with flavor.

Moroccan zing


Tomato based chutney with coriander garlic and ginger. A taste of Morocco, aromatic flavours to bring out the best in any dish. Moroccan Zing goes well with various cold meats. It's a must with lamb, pizzas, cheese and curry. Add it to a casserole or even try it as a sandwich spread.

Olive chilli jam


Excellent with grilled meat, chicken, on toast, canapes, in sauces, on pizza, with roasted vegetables and salads. A truly delicious jam that compliments any food.

Onion and mustard seed chutney


A delicious finely chopped onion relish. Add a spoonful to your sauce to achieve that professional taste and glaze. Enjoy Onion and Mustard Seed Chutney with pâté, in wraps, with cold meats, as a pizza topping, with grilled mushrooms, in a tartlet or as a canapé.

Red fig chilli jam


Good on toast, with cheese, cold meats, chicken, in salads, pâté and canapés.

Red fig relish


Add Red Fig and Chili Relish to cheese platters or enjoy with venison, roast pork, on canapés, with cold meat, pies or serve with a pâté. It is ideal on a crostini with a glass of red wine.

Rosemary infused red wine jelly


Add a spoonful to enhance the flavour of your lamb, pork, chicken and beef. Enjoy with pies, burgers and cold meats.

Strawberry chilli jam


A must on toast, rolls, in sandwiches with cheese and canapés. Excellent with cold duck salad. Something for the whole family.

Thyme infused red wine jelly


Use this delicious jelly with chicken, lamb, in stews, with cold meats, pies, on hamburgers or in wraps. Add a spoonful to your gravy for a sauce packed with flavour.

Whiskey marmalade


A must for your morning toast or add a spoonful to that duck or game sauce for a fresh citrus flavour.